Hi! My name is Abby Garber (she/her) and I am a New York based film and theatre actor.

I was born in Syracuse, NY and had a Vermont/Virginia hybrid upbringing. My deep love for the arts started at the Eastern Virginian School for the Performing Arts; A school where I studied theatre, dance and voice for over a decade. I then went on to get my BFA in Acting from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. During that time I studied abroad at the Moscow Art Theatre School in Russia. 

Since moving to New York City I have trained at various studios (HB studios, Michael Warner Studio, The Freeman Studio, and Heidi Marshall Studio) and taken a variety of master classes and workshops.


As an Actor

I believe in radical empathy and the power of connection. I am constantly in pursuit of clarity within myself in order to further connect with others and the world around me.

I am interested in humanizing, dethawing defenses and truth. The flip side of the story and the invisible pull that draws us towards one another.

I bring a deep sense of knowing and ferocity to any character I work on and will make you laugh when you least expect it.

I have found through previous roles I've played that my characters tend to dance on the line of what is comical and what is frightening.